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Master’s and Doctorate

*Graduates receiving 2020 UNC Hussman superlative awards

Ph.D. in Mass Communication

Joshua Barker

Testing Associations Between Personal Networks, Vaping Outcome Expectancies, and Perceptions of Antivaping Advertisements

Shao Chengyuan

The surveillance experience of Chinese university students and the value of privacy in the surveillance society

Deborah Dwyer

Unpublishing the News: American public and news industry perspectives on the long tail of publishing, journalistic accountability, and...

Jordan Morehouse*

The Networked Devotional-Promotional Engagement Model: Examining Congregant Engagement and Religious Public Relations

Kriste Patrow

Sharpening the Press Clause: An Examination of the First Amendment Protection of Press Freedom and Its Role in Democracy

Shannon Zenner

What informs our visual taste? The impact of personality and political orientation on visual preferences

M.A. in Media and Communication

Dana Anthony

Strategic Communication

Representation Matters: Improving Public Diplomacy Initiatives by Increasing Students of Color Participating in Study Abroad Programs

Bridget Barrett

Theory and Research

Platforms and Outsiders in Party Networks: The Evolution of the Digital Political Advertising Network

Chandler Carter

Theory and Research

Effects of Struggle and Goal Achievement in Weight Loss Journeys on Social Media: Instilling Hope and Promoting Health Behaviors

Bryan Cereijo

Visual Communication

Into the Unknown

Sarah Champagne


Coca: Immortal leaves, pressured farmers and U.S. foreign policy.

Riley Davis


A Captive Audience: Examining Zoo Conservation Efforts in the 21st Century

Schaefer Edwards


Toxic Masculinity: Roots, Reality, and Breaking the Cycle

Ida Farinholt

Strategic Communication

Cirrus Vodka and Corporate Social Responsibility

Christi Fenison

Strategic Communication

Virtual Reality Training Simulation - A Patient’s Point of View: Teaching Providers Teamwork and Empathetic Communication Skills...

Ryan Hayford

Strategic Communication

Launching a Thought Leadership Campaign: Communicating Beyond the Stratosphere of Possibilities

Matthew Largen

Strategic Communication

Social Media in High School Athletics: Recommendations for Individual and Organizational Branding in a Digital Age

Betsy Mann

Strategic Communication

Fork in the Road: Design for commensality and well-being for Millennials and sustainability for local restaurants

Ilich Mejia*

Strategic Communication

Lost in Translation: A Content Analysis of the Promotional Material of Foreign-Language Films in the United States

Sydney Nicolla

Theory and Research

Digital Feminist Activism & the Need for Male Allies: Assessing Barriers to Male Participation in the Modern-Day Women’s Movement

Emma Peaslee


Unraveling: A podcast about science, technology, and criminal justice

Mengyu Qian

Strategic Communication

A content analysis of Chinese Weibo posts about 2019-20 Hong Kong demonstrations

Andie Rea

Visual Communication

Overlooking: Experimenting with Collaboration for Justice-Driven Journalistic Practice

M.A. in Technology and Communication

Chace Black

Aligning a Digital Marketing Strategy with the Consumer Decision Journey: Applications for Small Business Start-Ups

Kasha Ely*

Tour Hillsborough: Designing a Self-Guided Tour App Prototype

Christian Freed

So…You Wrote a Book. Now What? What Independent Authors Should Consider Before Publishing Their Book

Andrea Martin*

Incivility Online: Exploring the Local Newspaper Journalist-Audience Relationship

Branson Moore

PublicHealthConnect: Developing an Online Toolkit for Improving Websites of Local Health Departments in North Carolina

Barry Morris

Recruiting MARSOC Special Operations Capability Specialists: (SOCS) Marketing Communication Insights and Strategies

Elizabeth Poindexter

Philanthropic Mirroring in Practice: Ethical Considerations for Alumni Engagement in Higher Education Fundraising

Jack Rodenfels

The Future of the University: Commonalities between Research I Institutions with Significant Graduate-level Online Enrollments

Natalie Sayewich

Hooked Down East: A Digital Resource for the Eastern NC Angler

Brad Schaible

Investigating the Attributes of Consumers Showing Interest in Adopting ATSC 3.0 Television

Kerri Shook

How Racially and Ethnically Diverse Students Respond to Higher Education Recruitment Marketing Efforts: The Role of Diversity Recruitment...

Certificate in Technology and Communication

Susan Arrington

Susan Hudson

CASE District III Gold Awards for Alumni Relations Fundraising Project, Event or Program for “225 Years of Carolina”

Florence Jones

Andrea McDowell

Judith Rubens

Jeffrey Womble

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